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CaringSA registered as a provider of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) for people who require specialist housing solutions due to having significant functional impairment or very high support needs.

To access SDA-listed specialist housing, either with LDS or a community housing provider, participants require SDA in their NDIS plan, usually for either:

  • Robust Build, or
  • Improved Liveability.

Please note that CaringSA is not a standalone SDA housing provider. The SDA housing is usually provided as part of a Supported Independent Living (SIL) Schedule of Support. Refer to the SIL page for further information, or ring and speak to one of our friendly Client Services Intake managers.

Our Facilities

At CaringSA, we pride ourselves on continuous development. From achieving life goals to enhancing our service delivery, CaringSA wants to stay at the forefront of person-centred supports. We do this through:

  • onboarding
  • creating an Independent Living Plan (ILP)
  • reviewing the goals quarterly and the plan annually
  • staying connected with families, advocates and support people to ensure that you too feel a welcomed member of our community and to enhance the care and support we provide to the client.

Within several months of commencing services with CaringSa, we develop with the client an ILP. This plan is a person-centred approach to combine their NDIS goals with personal goals, health information and assessments, medication, authorisations and behaviours. CaringSa reviews these goals quarterly with the client and updates all information on an annual basis.