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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Short-Term Accommodation or Respite is a support service provided to individuals with disabilities in Australia. It offers temporary accommodation and care services for people with disabilities who require a break from their usual living arrangements or whose primary caregivers or family members need a temporary break from their caregiving responsibilities.

Key features of NDIS Short-Term Accommodation or Respite include:


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Temporary Stay: Participants can stay in a different accommodation setting for a short period, which can vary depending on their specific needs and circumstances. This temporary stay is designed to provide a change of environment, support, and care.

Flexible Options: NDIS Short-Term Accommodation or Respite offers flexibility in terms of where the accommodation is provided, how long the stay lasts, and the types of support and care services that are included. It can be provided in a variety of settings, such as a specialized respite facility, a community-based group home, or even in the participant’s own home.

Support Services: Participants receive the necessary support and care during their stay, tailored to their individual needs. This may include assistance with daily living activities, personal care, therapy, and recreational activities.

Relief for Caregivers: Short-term accommodation or respite also provides temporary relief and support for family members or caregivers who regularly provide care to the individual with a disability. This break allows caregivers to rest and recharge, reducing caregiver burnout.

Transition Support: In some cases, short-term accommodation may also serve as a transitional step for individuals who are moving between different housing arrangements, such as transitioning from a hospital or rehabilitation facility to their home or a long-term housing solution.