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Our SLES program offers tailored support to young people transitioning from school into the workforce. We provide vocational training, workplace readiness programs, and job placement assistance. Our goal is to open pathways to fulfilling employment by equipping school leavers with the skills, confidence, and opportunities to succeed in the job market.

Each of these services is part of Caring SA’s commitment to delivering comprehensive, client-centered support, helping individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling, empowered lives.

Our Facilities

Our SLES facilities are vibrant and dynamic, designed to simulate a real-world work environment. We have computer labs for job search and skills training, interview simulation rooms, and career resource centers, all aimed at preparing young adults for successful employment.

Each of these facilities at Caring SA is carefully curated to ensure that we provide an optimal environment for the delivery of our services, where clients feel supported, engaged, and motivated to achieve their goals.